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Returns & Refunds Policy

Welcome to Book Publisher & Author Services’s Returns and Refunds Policy.

Upon completing a Transaction, you are entering into a legally binding and enforceable agreement with us to purchase the product and/or service.

We are upfront about our Returns Policy for all kinds of digital and physical purchases.

  1. At this point, we accept no returns and no refunds.
  2. There’s no refund for digital products.
  3. In the event of a completely damaged product, we’ll investigate the situation and initiate action.
  4. Only in such cases, we’ll send you a new product at no additional cost.
  5. To avail of the new product for a completely damaged product, you need to notify us within less than 3 hours of delivery, of the time taken to unpack and discover the damage.
  6. We would send a replacement if the book has got any manufacturing or printing defect.
  7. There is no replacement if only the packaging has scratches or dents.
  8. As a small business, we are trying our best to give you the best possible experience of doing business with

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