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Barefoot on Splintered Glass by Ananya Chatterjee

Poetry | Barefoot on Splintered Glass | Ananya Chatterjee


Poetry | Sharpless 29 | Linda Ashok

Sharpless 29

Poetry | Exit Noire | Jagari Mukherjee


Exit Noire is a game that tosses surreal lovers hidden in Matryoshka dolls. Hence, there is love accomplished and unrequited and the desire to be loved and even to be raped. The poet is rebellious to the point of turning on the light that the lover switched off, daring to kill him and calling her poem a sonnet by a murderess and describes it as Schizoanalysis. As the poet stoically concludes, she is left to quietly count the sea shells when silenced by him. And her body is played upon sumptuously and repeatedly. This is unabashed poetry about the body which is played in as many pleasurable ways as possible; her mouth, an orchard where there was only ice; her body, a violin the lover plays to emulate Vivaldi’s Storm; searching for the color and taste of the Volga on her tongue, etc. In addition, the collection is replete with references to poets, novelists, or painters like Derek Walcott, YunnaMorits, ImtiazDharker, Pushkin, Amrita Pritam, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Painter Artemisia, Painter Kitagawa Utamaro, Painter Hieronymus Bosch, Deleuze, Guattari, Whitman, etc., that goes to show the sophistication of the highest order that Jagari Mukherjee has attained in her poetry. But, as she says, Knowledge is Poison for the Woman and her Mate. This is the dichotomy the collection is all about, an excellent collection of love in disguise.” N Ravi Shanker, Poet, Kerala, India

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Jagari Mukherjee is a shining star in the world of Indian English poetry. Her impactful contributions to the literary scene have earned her a well-deserved place among the most prominent figures in the field. With each of her four published books of poetry, she has showcased her unique voice and perspective on the world, captivating readers with her insightful commentary on society and her delicate, lyrical style.

Her latest work, “Exit Noire,” is a masterful example of her poetic brilliance. This collection takes readers on a journey through themes of identity, heartbreak, and various human experiences with a voice that is powerful and evocative. Appreciated by renowned poets globally, this book has already garnered widespread critical acclaim and is being hailed as a significant addition to the Indian English poetry canon.

Jagari Mukherjee’s impact on Indian English poetry cannot be understated. Her work has not only established her as a leading voice in the field but has also inspired a new generation of poets to explore their own perspectives and experiences. Her contributions to the literary world will continue to be cherished and celebrated for years to come, as a testament to her boundless love for poetry and her unwavering commitment to her craft.

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