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Poetry | Sharpless 29 | Linda Ashok


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Poetry | Exit Noire | Jagari Mukherjee

Poetry | Barefoot on Splintered Glass | Ananya Chatterjee


“When there’s nothing left to be written, I will stand shivering in the wordless cold and think of an alternate address for warmth. This godless heart will steady itself somehow. But not yet, not today, not now!” Ananya Chatterjee.

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Ananya Chatterjee is a prominent figure in Indian English poetry, known for her impactful contributions to the literary scene. She has published four books of poetry, each showcasing her unique voice and perspective on the world. Her work has been celebrated for its insightful commentary on society, as well as its delicate, lyrical style.

Her latest book, “Barefoot on Splintered Glass,” is a testament to Ananya’s mastery of the craft and her continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of Indian English poetry. In this collection, she delves into themes of identity, displacement, and the human experience with a powerful and evocative voice. The book has already garnered widespread critical acclaim and is being hailed as a significant addition to the Indian English poetry canon.

Ananya’s impact on Indian English poetry cannot be overstated. Through her four books and her latest work, “Barefoot on Splintered Glass,” she has established herself as a leading voice in the field and has inspired a new generation of poets to explore their own perspectives and experiences. Her contributions to the literary world will continue to be remembered and celebrated for years to come.

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