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Book of 60 Stories of Women of the Creator Economy

Book of 60 Stories of Women of the Creator Economy

The ability to create is a fundamental human trait, and it is one that is shared equally among all genders. However, throughout history, women have often been discouraged or outright prevented from expressing their creativity and pursuing careers in fields traditionally dominated by men. Despite this, women have always found ways to create, whether through traditional arts and crafts, writing, or more recent forms of digital content creation.

The rise of the creator economy has provided new opportunities for women to share their talents and voices with the world. The diversity of women in the creator economy today demonstrates that women can excel in any field, from traditional art forms to cutting-edge digital media. They are not only creating content, but also building businesses, communities, and even entire industries.

The Book of 60 Women of the Creator Economy

60 Women of the Creator Economy is a groundbreaking collection of essays, interviews, and personal stories from emerging and established women content creators in the digital content creation industry. These women, from a diverse range of backgrounds and niches, share their experiences and insights on building successful careers in the creator economy, as well as the challenges they’ve faced along the way. From social media influencers and YouTube stars to podcast hosts and bloggers, these women are at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry that is changing the way we consume and create content. This book is an essential read for anyone interested in the future of digital media and the role of women in shaping it.

60 Women of the Creator Economy: Submission Guidelines

60 Women of the Creator Economy is going to be a collection of 60 Women Content Creators to appear in alphabetic order with each page dedicated to each contributor and their most compelling story.

We welcome submissions from women and out-of-closet women-identifying individuals. If you are interested in being a part of this wonderful anthology, please read the guidelines to ensure your submission gets through the first round.

  1. The essay/story is a personal growth story with verifiable anecdotes and desirable creative leverage
  2. The essay/story is 500 words long (+/-10/20 words)
  3. Write an essay or as you call it a story in five parts.
  4. Each part of the story mustn’t exceed 90-100 words (cumulatively 500 words max)

Part 1: Detail the moment in which you are writing the submission and why?

Part 2: Detail how you started it, your motivation, triggers, inspiration, need…

Part 3: Detail the growth expectation, the ensuing challenges, first customer/client acquisition

Part 4: Detail your current scene with the creation process, where you are and the impact you already made

Part 5: What does the whole thing conclude about you as a creator, the community that supported or refused, and what you are determined to achieve?

How to Submit?

Please follow @BookWryter on Twitter to learn about where to submit as we get ready with the infrastructure as a new organization. You should be ready to submit your story within a few hours of the announcement being made on Twitter. We are also on Linkedin and Instagram for you to receive the update.

Selection Process

Please note that unless otherwise approached by the Editor/Publisher of the anthology, all submissions are subjected to “selection” based on editorial requirements to ensure the quality standards of the publication. Please do not query for updates post submission as all selected candidates will be notified within a month of submission, beyond which you can consider it a pass.

Editing Process

And finally, here’s the announcement of your work being selected for publication, which will undergo strict editing, re-haul, rewrite, and anything required to bring out the best of the work submitted. The process may or might not involve the author of the story submitted. Essays will be fine-tuned to accentuate author credibility and subject authority.

Final: Expectation Setting

Unless you are an international participant, all selected authors will receive a physical copy of the 60 Women of the Creator Economy for promotion and keepsake. As of now, international participants published in the anthology will receive a non-transferrable e-book. If we can secure more funding, we would love to ship physical copies too. The book will be available through and internationally distributed to Amazon Worldwide! What do we want in return? Send us reels holding your author copies with joyful faces and comments.


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