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10 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Publish your Book!

Maybe there are more than 10 reasons why you should not publish your book. Maybe you just want to be a reader and we truly appreciate that. In that case, you can still buy from an eclectic mix of literary, self-help, and business books from Oh, we didn’t even complete the reasons why you should not publish your book and so here you are-

10 Reasons why you shouldn’t publish your book

  1. Lack of time or resources to properly edit and promote the book.
  2. Fear of rejection or negative feedback from readers and critics.
  3. Concerns about privacy or exposing personal information.
  4. Feeling that the book may not be ready or good enough for publication.
  5. The potential financial loss of self-publishing.
  6. The difficulty of standing out in a crowded market.
  7. The potential for negative impact on personal or professional relationships.
  8. The uncertainty of the book’s reception in the market.
  9. The potential for negative impact on personal or professional reputation.
  10. The stress and pressure of the publishing process.

Do they upset you already?  Indeed, and so, we encourage you to publish your book if you haven’t had great luck with getting your book published elsewhere. Publishing Model follows the traditional model for book publishing. doesn’t charge you to publish your book perfectly presented and ready-to-print. We leverage print-on-demand and authors avail fat author discount to buy books and directly profit from the re-sales. Royalty Model

What about profit? Over time, if you publish a book with us and its sales with our registered business partner Amazon crosses 500 units, we calculate royalty at a whopping 10%. Please note that royalty assessment excludes direct purchases from the author. Incredible, isn’t it? But don’t get excited yet, you should still evaluate the market offers before you decide to publish with us. Not a Vanity Model

Remember, with us, you are never a “self-published author” or a “vanity published author,” we exercise great content assessment, editorial, and design mastery before deciding to work with any author. Now that you are ready to go, take home these 10 reasons why you should still consider getting published nonetheless.

  1. Share your message or story with a wider audience.
  2. Establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  3. Create opportunities for speaking engagements and other forms of income.
  4. Build your personal brand and increase visibility.
  5. Provide a tangible, lasting legacy for your ideas.
  6. Connect with like-minded individuals and communities.
  7. Inspire and impact others with your message.
  8. Gain credibility and validation for your work.
  9. Create a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.
  10. Open doors to new opportunities, such as film or television adaptations.

You deserve to be heard, discussed, and known. And at this is the best!


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